Heya, are you ready for the next step in your career path? Looking for ways to widen your reach, attract more clients, and provide support to even more families? Considering certification as a childbirth educator but haven’t quite found the right fit yet? Interested in creating inclusive classes where birthing people can become educated about their options and patient rights?

If you’re eagerly nodding your head along to one or all of these questions, we got ya! Become a childbirth educator with our Childbirth Edu Training program.

What’s Included In the Program?

We’ll be training you to feel confident in passing the birthing knowledge forward to others!

The program is specialized to make sure we’re helping you manifest your vision for the kind of childbirth class that works best for you.

The online platform will take you through certification requirements, tracking your participation progress for your own review of the curriculum and corresponding teaching guide, required scholarly reads and required videos. We’ll need you to take ownership of the work – that means getting assignments done and being present for all training classes – in order to achieve 100% participation. But if a desperate scheduling conflict pops up, we’ll work with you. We’re happy to provide make-up sessions on a limited basis for on-call doulas called to a birth.

You’ll walk away from the program with a comprehensive digital curriculum to provide to your students so you don’t have to create anything on your own. And of course, just like with doula certification, you’ll receive official childbirth educator certification, a seal for your website and the opportunity to use the letters CBE (DTI) after your name. Once you’ve got all that, you’re the real deal and ready to begin marketing and teaching classes in your community!

Childbirth certification empowers you to grow in your leadership, providing an expanded level of expertise that potential clients are seeking.

2018 Schedule

cost: $997

payment plan: $497 down 2 installments of $275
(processing fee included)

What Makes This Program Unique?

  • Specialized. We don’t prescribe to the “one size fits all” philosophy of teaching. As an extension of DTI’s focus on respectful care for all, we equip educators through our Slow Educator Method (SEM) to create class environments that allow students to express their needs freely while preserving the learning process for the group.
  • Inclusive and modern. We don’t think being inclusive should be considered radical and we’ll work until equality is the norm. Our digital student workbook features gender-inclusive language and imagery, designed for the unique families we serve, because we understand the importance of respecting and representing different identities.
  • Comprehensive. We cover a lot! We give you a thorough yet digestible breakdown of everything from prenatal testing and electronic fetal monitoring to postpartum care planning and normal newborn behavior. Accompanied by suggested activities and digital worksheets, students receive complete and actionable prep.
  • Empowering. We can’t say it enough: The birthing person is the central, most important figure, meaning their needs are prioritized. All options for pregnancy and birth are outlined clearly in the course curriculum, which normalizes birth without glossing over complexities or medical interventions. We shift away from the traditional creation of a birth plan, and instead embrace the creative creation of birth preferences. Doing so allows students the opportunity to self-define informed consent, respectful care, and a supported experience.
  • Human connection. We can’t overstate the value of bonding! In birth prep, information means very little without active involvement. Our class activities and at-home practice schedules foster a lasting impression on students and partners.
  • Flexibility. We know we live in a time where a “How are you?” prompts a “I’m so busy.” Which is why we give certified childbirth educators the ability to teach in either weekend intensive or multi-week series formats.
  • Training. We want you to feeling self-assured in your education, more than ready to assume the role of a birth educator and leader in your community. The live six-class web training builds confidence and skills for teaching through research-based techniques and walks you through strategies for marketing your classes.
  • Support. We don’t want to certify you and never hear from you again! An annual membership fee of $55 affords you ongoing support as long as you are teaching. We’ll get you added to a private Facebook group for DTI childbirth educators where you can keep in touch and share resource, stresses and successes with one another.
  • Easy recertification process. We recognize the importance of getting with the times, so stay with us and you’ll always be on top of the latest research and conversation in the childbirth edu field. We’ve made it easy for you to do that with a simple recertification process, available every three years for a fee of $397.

Program Access Includes:

Educator’s Guide

  • Guides you through effective teaching strategies
  • Provides pacing for each class unit
  • Includes optional activities
  • Lists materials needed for each class
  • Offers tips for setting up your classroom for safety and success

Educator Web Training

  • In-depth curriculum review plus open time for Q&A
  • Learning different ways to structure a class using the provided curriculum
  • Creating space in class for a wide variety of needs, including past trauma and different birthing bodies without isolating male-female couples or single parents experiencing their first pregnancy
  • Marketing and filling your classes

Student Workbook & Digital Toolbox

  • Clear, concise and comprehensive
  • Inclusive, gender-neutral language celebrating all birthing bodies
  • Highlights benefits of midwifery care without isolating high-risk needs
  • Gently encourages parent-child and parent-support connections