Our Expert Affiliate Collection is a series of videos of DTI interviewing experts in our field. As a member of DTI, you will have access to this exclusive program. These videos are ever evolving in our archives for the most modern, up-to-date access to experts in our field. 

Collection interviews:

Sarah Juliusson of The Website Doula
Kathi Valeii of Birth Anarchy
Dr. Tara May
Rachel Yellin of Yes to Birth!
Monnie Efros
Liz Miracle of Miracle Physical Therapy
Dr. Carrie Contey
Aleah Walker
Trevor MacDonald
Allison Balsley and Brittany Noschese of Hands Wave Birth
Jacqueline Davey of Birth Realm
“Remembering Our First Births,” with the DTI founders and team

Upcoming Videos:

More announcements soon!