What makes the DTI2 doula training different from other doula trainings?

What is the cost?

Is there a payment plan option?

Are there recertification fees and requirements?

Are there membership fees?

Are there scholarships available?

What happens during the 4-day In-Person training?

Can I bring my kids to the training?

I don’t have children of my own. Can I be a doula?

What happens after the training is over?

What is a Expert Affiliate Video?

What is a Mentorship Group Call?

How are mentorship calls scheduled? Is it flexible?

If I need help finding an in-person mentor or a doula to shadow, can you help me?

I’m coming from out of town. Where should I stay?

I’m ready to sign up! What’s the process?

Does DTI Offer a certification for Childbirth Education?