So, what do we stand for? You’ve just stumbled upon what is arguably the most important page on our site.

We’re a movement of independent birth professionals who have come together to foster a community that values compassionate and competent care. You know that feel-good, “these are my people, they get me” sense of belonging? That’s what we’re aiming for. We’re talking about a level of intimacy felt through clasped fists in the air, tears streaming down our faces, screaming “YASSS! Speak!” at a poetry slam. Probably a few levels above that, because what’s more intimate than giving birth?

Our mission to improve the birth and postpartum experience is universal, but creating that change goes beyond good intentions. It means we are intentional in respecting cultural context and putting the needs of those directly affected by our work, the people carrying the babies, first. We choose the “just listen” road. The “read some books to understand historical oppression” road. The “can we all recognize that calling yourself color-blind is actually the opposite of progressive?” road.
Get where we’re going with this?

We learn from one another, and that’s how we’ve grown while sustaining our purpose: A beautiful, respectful and specialized birth experience for everyone involved.