Before you learn anything else about Doula Trainings International, you’ve got to hear our birth story. (wink wink)

Six years ago, two friends – Tara Brooke and Gina Giordano – decided to join forces and revolutionize the doula world. We’re not being dramatic. Years of running their respective businesses Power of Birth and Bella Belly had given the pair the combined expertise (and a whole lotta love) to bring to the table.

Born in 2011, DTI came into the world fully aware of its purpose: To offer a new model of doula training that was appealing and accessible to all.

We’ve reimagined what it looks like to become a modern doula, with a comprehensive 9-month program that includes ongoing mentorships, business skills and in-depth video classes that complement a rigorous initial workshop, an extensive reading list, and practical experience requirements.

We also don’t think that pursuing passion and financial stability should be mutually exclusive, so empowering independency in our doulas to run a successful birth business is a priority to us! Because the sun rises for everyone and we all got bills, y’know?

With DTI basic and advanced trainings popping up across North America and have expanded internationally in 2017, we dream big. And the bigger picture? Our work to advance the doula profession and transform maternity care serves to advance society as a whole. That is why it is our mission to have social justice issues be the center of our core values. We listen to the voices that are often overlooked in the birth industry, the doula profession, and society in general. And we provide a safe place for everyone!

So if that’s your thing (and it really, really should be), join us.

A new day is dawning for birth visionaries! And if you’ve never even given getting doula certified a thought or have no idea what “birth culture” is all about, maybe today is your day.

Oh, and for more info, check out our little video below….