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Ever wanted to learn more about what really causes jaundice in newborns, or an oversupply of milk for lactating individuals? Do you want to further your birth work education to support and empower lactating parents to feed their babies wherever and whenever they want?

We’re bursting with excitement to announce our Lactation Support Specialist Program, yet another way to expand your portfolio and grow your doula business! Not a doula but want to teach breast/chest feeding classes?  This is your class pass.

We’re offering a convenient way (gotta love that online education) to become certificated as a Lactation Support Specialist. Our program will prepare you to assist your clients with all of their basic lactation concerns and questions, as well as equip you with the tools to teach a class in breast/chest feeding. This means you will be prepared to assist your clients with basic lactation concerns and questions as well as how to teach a class in breast/chest feeding as part of your CBE series.


The course will take you through modules that include webinars, scholarly readings, data analysis, and quizzes for comprehension. We’ll set up a private Facebook group so you can discuss the content with others taking the course and you’ll have monthly calls with a DTI educator. The best part of the course is the flexibility and freedom to engage with the activities at a coffee shop in the morning, at your desk in the afternoon, or even tucked into your bed at 2 am. Whatever time and location combination works for you; you get to decide.

By the end of this program, you’ll have knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the lactating breast/chest, an understanding of the complications of feeding and a toolkit of counseling strategies, as well as counseling templates, privacy agreements and a bunch of local resources that your clients will love. You will also come away with a lesson plan and modern DTI curated images for teaching a lactation class to individuals or a group. Everything you need to embark upon new territory in your birth professional journey.


cost: $797

payment plan: $497 down 2 installments of $175
(processing fee included)


It’s specialized. As with all DTI programming, we make sure that we have the most up-to-date information, techniques and perspectives to suit the needs of our students and the parents we support.

It’s Inclusive. Our program makes sure to include all ways of breast/chest feeding because we know that there are all kinds of parents. Inclusivity is one of the core tenets of DTI. This course will start with discussing racial disparities and how this impacts breast/chest feeding for people of color. Significant barriers result in lower breastfeeding rates among people of color. Students in our program will discuss ways in which to address these topics with private clients and with group classes.

It’s comprehensive. Our program will teach you how to care, counsel, spot problems and challenges, support, reach out and connect with other specialists, teach positions and latch techniques, presenting all of the information in a concise, tailored way to use with a variety of individuals.

It’s flexible. You can watch the video classes anytime during the week that they become live. We know everyone’s operating on a different schedule. 2am and  can’t sleep? Watch the class then!

It’s community-based. We’ll make sure that you’re connected to other students in the program through our private Facebook group and the 4 video calls during your program. We will discuss how to find lactation specialists in your area so that you’ll always feel confident to bolster your client with support groups or an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) if the scope of the lactation issue is outside of your purview.

It’s mentored. It’s always important to feel like someone has your back when you’re learning a new skill.  We’ll provide you with an educator/mentor who will follow you along your progress and provide valuable feedback and insight into your homework and reading discussions.

It’s supported. Annual membership benefits to keep you up to date.

It’s full of resources. With lesson plans for your classes and custom materials to use with your private clients. No need to reinvent this wheel. You will have all the things at your fingertips. We are also collaborating with boober to accept the LSS credential and to get your professional contacts on the up and up.

It’s Certificated. You will be able to use DTI(LSS) after your name.


  • LSS Web Training
  • Detailed information broken down into modules including: The history and evolution of baby feeding and a comparison of current trends. Resuming work, school, life and sex. Communicating with, counseling, and educating a lactating parent.
  • Comprehension quizzes after each modules.
  • Up-to-date studies and current research.
  • Plenty of time to ask questions and learn from other specialists.
  • Connection to support groups and lactation classes in your community.
  • The chance to shadow another lactation specialist and record your time counseling four different parents. You’ll upload this to our teaching platform to review and learn from. Don’t worry, we will show you how.