We can talk on and on about equality, but we must take action to do our part in opening doors.

Inclusion matters. Not for the sake of getting a “diversity badge” or a clap on the back for meeting a quota, but for representation.Want the film industry to better represent the stories of minorities? Well, then you get people who have lived the experiences on-screen behind the camera, writing the script, in the director’s seat.

The same goes for the doula industry. We’re committed to lowering disparities in maternal and infant health for all, and the devastating reality is that race is still a determining factor on whether one has a healthy birth and baby in this country and worldwide.

In order to change the landscape of birth for every doula and every person, we currently offer a scholarship for birth workers of color in alliance with and support of the national Midwives of Color Grand Challenge. Birth workers of color interested in our trainings can apply at any time on a rolling basis.

We’ll review the application immediately and contact you 3 weeks before the training of your choice. When you are selected to be a scholarship recipient you will receive information on how to enroll in your membership. DTI’s Membership is designed to support you throughout your 9-months of training and beyond. Membership is required of all training attendees. If you have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to email us.

Get to it.

Birth Workers of Color Scholarship Application

  • Choose a Training

    If you are approved for the scholarship, we will let you know if there is a spot for you in the training of your choice. If that training is full, you have to option to travel to a training that has a scholarshop spot available. Please let us know what training you would like to attend and if you are willing to travel. 
  • References

    Please provide one personal and one professional reference.
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