Issues of gender and identity are still received with much confusion and discrimination in today’s society, extending into our birth culture.

Not everyone who gives birth is a woman. That’s why when we talk about birthing individuals, we try to avoid using the blanket term “women.” But beyond being respectful in our vocabulary and acknowledging the uniqueness of the human experience, we’re opening doors.

In order to change the landscape of birth for every doula and every person, we currently offer a scholarship for trans doulas called DTI’s Trans Health Initiative. Trans doulas interested in our trainings can apply at any time on a rolling basis.

We’ll review the application immediately and contact you 3 weeks before the training of your choice. When you are selected to be a scholarship recipient you will receive information on how to enroll in your membership. DTI’s Membership is designed to support you throughout your 9-months of training and beyond. Membership is required of all training attendees. If you have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to email us.

Get to it.

Trans Health Scholarship Application

  • Choose a Training

    If you are approved for the scholarship, we will let you know if there is a spot for you in the training of your choice. If that training is full, you have to option to travel to a training that has a scholarshop spot available. Please let us know what training you would like to attend and if you are willing to travel. 
  • References

    Please provide one personal and one professional reference.
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