Some of you may be wondering, what is a doula?

To demystify the word, here’s a basic definition:

dou·la: (do͞olə/) noun
a person who is trained to assist another birthing individual during childbirth and who may provide support to the family after the baby is born.

But what is a DTI doula? Well “Birth assistant” just doesn’t do it for us. It’s a bit too… mechanical. We believe in the lasting impact that our doulas have on families around the world. To have that level of impact, our doulas take on so many different roles that go way beyond a mere “assistant.” We uphold a certain Compass of Care. DTI2 is built on three main tenets: Mentorship, business and community. Meaning, doulas supporting doulas is how we all succeed! Babies are being born all the time, everywhere, and there’s never a surplus of support. To manifest real change in today’s birth climate, we need more support. We need more doulas.

So now that we know what a doula is, lets talk about our training…

Our DTI2 trainings certify doulas for both birth and postpartum work, integrating much-appreciated flexibility into the private practice. Offering this flexibility is a priority for us because our doulas are rock star superhumans, often balancing doula work with life. DTI2 certification prepares them to work solely as birth doulas while still obtaining the education necessary to prep their birth clients for the transition into parenthood, or to practice mainly postpartum doula work but still be prepared to integrate the birth experience. Still, because of their dedication, many DTI doulas do both birth and postpartum work simultaneously throughout their careers.

Like with everything in life, balance is important. That’s how we look at the duality of autonomy and community in doula training. We’re not here to tell you what your individual career path looks like for you—you decide, and we’re here to support it. Our curriculum is meant to teach you business-savvy skills, not to standardize your personal brand. Creativity is a beautiful thing, so you do you, and we’ll be here with the moral (and tangible) support.

What makes DTI2 special

Human Rights in Childbirth. DTI’s exclusive Slow Doula Method ®. Anatomy and Physiology of Pregnancy. Advocacy. Normal Birth and Normal Newborn Behavior. Storytelling and Wisdom Sharing. Chestfeeding/Breastfeeding.Power of Language. Interviewing Skills and Business Development. Health Disparities for Infants and Birthing Individuals. Intro to Holistic Doula Practices. Bereavement and Loss. Birth for All Bodies. Self-Care of the Doula.Community Building. Thriving Together.

2 Certification Paths

  • Path1: For anyone looking to become a doula for the first time or for anyone that has not previously certified with another doula organization.
  • Path2: For doulas that have previously certified with other organizations.

When you train with DTI, you instantly become a part of a community, a purpose, a movement. Thats why when you register with DTI2 you also become a member of DTI.

DTI Membership is designed to keep you up-to-date and connected to all things DTI. We are always evolving and want our doulas to be evolving alongside us. We update our trainings based on current research and trends and want you to have access to all of this information. DTI Membership ensures that you are continuing to learn and grow. For many, doula work is a passion-based business. As with our training, the DTI Membership is focused giving you the support and tools you need to grow your business the way that is best for you. DTI Membership is our way of supporting your ongoing growth as a doula and entrepreneur.

What’s included in the tuition

Cost: $1597/path1   $1197/path2

  • A comprehensive hands-on doula training workshop led by a DTI Educator and Mentor OR a top-quality online course
  • An all-inclusive 9 month program of training, certification, and mentorship
  • Certification Manual
  • The DTI Workbook, a carefully curated digital book which guides you through your DTI2 training and includes handouts, articles and everything DTI!
  • 9 mentorship group calls during which you and your fellow certifying doulas can ask questions of a DTI educator (Schedule provided during the hands on workshop)
  • 9 additional video classes from our Expert Affiliate Video Collection. A series of videos featuring experts in the field to deepen your understanding of doula work and to continue your education after the initial 4-day workshop. You may watch these videos over the course of the 9 month curriculum at your own pace. Subjects change as we are always adding new videos to the program. All of these videos are Advanced Doula Trainings covering topics such as Advanced Business Development, Bereavement and Loss, Birth Advocacy, Comfort Measures, Navigating Induction, Slow Doula Method® and much more.
  • Initiation and guidance through our Slow Doula Method® and the SDM® approach.
  • Assistance with marketing yourself, building a client base, learning interviewing skills and managing the business side of being a doula.
  • Free certification submission
  • Certification for life–once you are certified through DTI, you never have to re-certify!

What’s included in the membership

Cost: $157/annual fee

  • Access to a group exclusively for certifying DTI doulas in which you can discuss questions about the certification process
  • Access to our online community of DTI doulas with whom you can share your struggles, successes and questions
  • Access to our entire Expert Affiliate Video Collection. This video collection is ever growing and production so our members can stay up to date with the most recent information and evidence based research.
  • Listing on the DTI doula locator
  • Access to 1 Learning Lab
  • Free shipping from the DTI shop
  • Monthly Newsletter for members only, to stay in the know
  • Member rates for our annual OneDoula Retreat
  • The DTI portfolio, a digital packet which includes the How to Build Your Own Contract Guide, Questionnaires and inspo cards!
  • The latest version of the DTI Workbook, a carefully curated digital book which guides you through your DTI2 training and includes handouts, articles and everything DTI!

“Community” is something I had been desperately searching for in my doula career before I discovered DTI. While training with them, it became clear that I was home. Connection and support are key elements that DTI teaches from the moment training begins, and the encouragement continues well beyond that through local meetings, inclusive social media groups, and access to mentors during and after the certification process.

DTI strives to bridge the gap where differences keep us from collaborating. A vital part of their mission is to strengthen relationships not only within the organization, but also throughout the maternal healthcare community. The impact of the DTI movement – and it’s emphasis on advocacy, social justice, and sustainable and profitable business practices – can be felt globally.”

Jami Yaeger, CD (DTI)

“I choose DTI because it created a wide range of possibilities. When I was first considering training, I spoke to a local doula who had already done the training. Her excitement and passion for being a part of this group was contagious. So when I first began my training, the sense of community was present. It’s a community to capable, innovative, and passionate people who are excited about helping birthing families, making a difference in the overall birth community, and growing their businesses to be sustainable and independent. I have had the distinct pleasure of working with both of the DTI founders Gina and Tara.”

Dr. Tijana Sefic Eby, CD (DTI)