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Hello to newbie doulas (Path 1) and seasoned doulas (Path 2) alike!

If you’re a doula unable to attend our in-person trainings and interested in a more fast-paced curriculum, our online training certification program is for you.

But how can I learn about birth and post-partum experience from behind the comfort of my screen? That’s just… impersonal.

Well, you’re right! You won’t be sitting on the couch/desk chair/in bed the whole nine months.

Our program is split into two sections:
Three months of studying and six months of practical experience.

The first three months are dedicated to video lectures, online discussions, required/suggested readings and videos, workbook exercises, and access to DTI’s Expert Affiliate program (a live, breathing, ever-growing video archive of interviews with experts in the field).

Taking what you’ve learned, you’ll spend six months doing field work, aka attending births, supporting families post-partum and shadowing classes in your community.

Same information, different format – the more options to get DTI doula certified, the merrier!

Check out this sample video featuring our lovely co-founder Tara Brooke for a glimpse into what kind of education you’ll be getting.

New sessions begin every other month*

Current schedule:

January 16, 2018
March 15, 2018
May 15, 2018
July 15, 2018
September 15, 2018
November 15, 2018
*Registration closes 7 days prior to start date

DTI2 Online Certification Requirements

  • Complete entire online course curriculum including video lessons, workbook exercises, external videos, and more (see Curriculum for more information).
  • Participate in online group discussions of course content.
  • Provide documentation of attendance at 3 births.
  • Provide documentation of 16 hours of postpartum care for a minimum of two families.
  • Participate in scheduled monthly calls for your online group.
  • Read all required reading materials in accordance with online curriculum. View the full DTI2 Required Reading List.
  • Attend a breastfeeding class OR a breastfeeding support group. (Path1 Only)
  • Attend a childbirth education class. (Path1 Only) 
  • Provide documentation of infant/child CPR certification.
  • Create a business strategy outline.
  • Create a list of resource referrals from your home community.
  • An essay describing your role as a labor and postpartum doula. (Path1 Only)
  • An essay on how you see yourself making an impact as a doula and in the larger birth community. (Path1 Only)


Part 1: Classroom Modules

The Classroom component of your training occupies the first three months of the training. New content is released every two weeks, and students complete required reading alongside each module. Your DTI Educator will lead an involved discussion of the assigned reading on your session’s Facebook group, and you will join a call each month to discuss any questions in the material covered.

Month 1

Module 1: Introduction and Childbirth Education

Released at start of course

  • Receive Workbook and Certification Manual to be used throughout program
  • Childbirth Education video lessons
  • Required reading
  • Online group discussion of materials
  • Comprehension quizzes
  • Suggested viewing and reading
Module 2: Breastfeeding

Released after 14 days

  • Breastfeeding video lessons
  • Breastfeeding anatomy overview
  • Required reading
  • Group discussion of breastfeeding and the role of a doula in supporting it
  • Comprehension quizzes
  • Suggested viewing and reading

After Module 2, students are encouraged to shadow a breastfeeding class in their community.

Month 2

Module 3: The Life of a Birth Doula

Released after 28 days

  • Doula Support for Stages of Labor videos
  • Birth Doula Role (prenatal and postpartum visits) videos and workbook pages
  • Self-Care for the Doula workbook pages
  • Doula Back-Up video and workbook pages
  • Required reading
  • Group discussion
  • Suggested viewing
Module 4: Holding Space

Released after 42 days

  • Slow Doula Method® video lessons
  • Cultural Competency video lessons
  • Power of Language video lesson
  • Doula Support for Each Stage of Labor and Comfort Measures video lessons
  • Compassionate Cesarean workbook pages
  • Required reading
  • Required viewing: Supporting Childbearing Loss with Dr. Tara May
  • Required viewing: Birth Justice with Kathi Valeii
  • Group discussion
  • Suggested viewing

After Module 4, students are encouraged to attend births.

Month 3

Module 5: The Life of a Postpartum Doula

Released after 56 days

  • The Newborn Immediately After Birth workbook pages
  • A Day in the Life of a Postpartum Doula video
  • Postpartum Physical Changes in the Birthing Individual workbook pages
  • Postpartum Mood Disorders video
  • Newborn Care workbook pages
  • Integrating the Baby into the Family video
  • Required reading
  • Group discussion
  • Suggested reading

After Module 5, students are encouraged to support families postpartum.

Module 6: Building Your Business

Released after 70 days

  • Building a Business video lesson
  • Networking workbook pages
  • Branding 101 workbook pages
  • Group discussion
  • Interviewing video lesson
  • Required viewing: A Thriving Business with Rachel Yellin
  • Required reading
  • Suggested reading and viewing

Part 2: Field Study

The Field Study component of your training begins after you have finished the Classroom modules. In the remaining months, you will be responsible for completing your certification requirements. This includes, but is not limited to: attending three births, serving 16 postpartum hours, attending a breastfeeding and childbirth education class (Path1 only), and completing the remainder of the reading list.

Months 4-8

  • Continued online discussions and support as students complete certification requirements
  • Monthly calls with your online session to stay up to date with your classmates and ask questions from your educators
  • Complete required reading

Month 9

  • Submit all certification materials for review

Path1for new doulas

$ 1597

total before membership fee

Path2for previously certified doulas

$ 1197

total before membership fee