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Isn’t the Internet magical? It can also be downright terrifying, but we believe in using it for the power of good. Like the spreading of knowledge! So peel your eyes away from the nasty corners of the web (like that FB comment section on that article – better yet, never, ever go back there again) and dive into the DTI Learning Lab!

The lab is our online school for all folks in the birthing biz, including doulas, midwives, doctors, parents and anyone else interested in learning more about the industry. It’s where you’ll find courses hosted by a state-of-the-art learning platform that offers videos, sample documents and handouts with exercises for a variety of needs.

Parents, birth attendants and providers: Toss away all your preconceptions about Cesarean Births and take our Compassionate Cesarean course.microbiome

All birth attendants: Discover the value of practicing mindfulness in a tense environment through our Slow Doula Method® course.

Then we’ve got a handful of doula-specific courses, digging deep into the different aspects of building a successful business: Interview Breakthrough, The Backup Plan, Demystifying Client Meetings, and Understand Your Brand.

Of course, we recommend all of them – nicknamed the Business Toolkit: The Package Deal and discounted 20% – to get you fully equipped with all of the knowledge!

These courses aren’t the classroom equivalent of busywork (you know, that work for the sake of work with no higher purpose). We’re here to equip you with the resources to make real change.

Intrigued? Enter the Learning Lab and take your pick of one or several courses!